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Vessel Schedule - ex SOKHNAHere you can check Lotus Current Vessel schedules.
SOKHNAJEDDAH RSGT/SCTGFS PRECIOUS002326/Apr/24(Fri)27/Apr/24(Sat)25/Apr/24(Thu)JJS
SOKHNAOMSLLGFS PRECIOUS002326/Apr/24(Fri)27/Apr/24(Sat)25/Apr/24(Thu)JJS
SOKHNAJEBEL ALI T3GFS PRECIOUS002326/Apr/24(Fri)27/Apr/24(Sat)25/Apr/24(Thu)JJS
SOKHNAJEDDAH RSGT/SCTGFS PRIDE003601/May/24(Wed)02/May/24(Thu)02/May/24(Thu)JJS
SOKHNAOMSLLGFS PRIDE003601/May/24(Wed)02/May/24(Thu)02/May/24(Thu)JJS
SOKHNAJEBEL ALI T3GFS PRIDE003601/May/24(Wed)02/May/24(Thu)02/May/24(Thu)JJS
SOKHNAJEDDAH RSGT/SCTGFS PERFECT005208/May/24(Wed)09/May/24(Thu)07/May/24(Tue)JJS
SOKHNAOMSLLGFS PERFECT005208/May/24(Wed)09/May/24(Thu)07/May/24(Tue)JJS
SOKHNAJEBEL ALI T3GFS PERFECT005208/May/24(Wed)09/May/24(Thu)07/May/24(Tue)JJS
Vessel Sailed -EX JEAVessels sailed in last 7 days from Jebel Ali TERMINAL 1 / 2/ 3 / 4

Pls note:-

Vessel schedules are subject to change without prior notice & subject to Space availability.

LOTUS will not absorb any storage charges due to vessel delay.

Appreciate your regular business support for lotus.
Feel free to call our team anytime for booking related queries.

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